Rodan Fujiie    

Born in Melbourne (1992) Rodan discovered a passion for creative arts from an early age.

Having been exposed to Traditional Persian music from childhood Rodans keen interest lead to his study in the percussion instrument Daf at the age of 9.


Rodan spent his early years learning the Daf under Mr Sepehr Toghyani and  over the course of time learnt from various musicians, Toofan Toghyani, Arash Aria and Arash Zanganeh.

 Many of his years training were under his own practices and exploration.From 2005 He began playing as part of traditional Persian bands and participated in various performances around Melbourne.In 2008 Rodan furthered his learning in traditional persian music under the supervision of Puya Mehman Pazir. 


Graduating RMIT with a Bachelor of Design in 2013, Rodan discovered a desire to use his creative skills as means to assist a growing culture based on sustainablility and creative inovation. Rodan currently studies Architecture at the university of Monash has dedicated himself to various forms of creative expression. He is now an active musician, artist and dancer. 

Faces Of Love 
April 2016 Tour

Mehr Ensemble



Weaving intricate lines of verse and melody, ornate instrumentation and layered vocals, classical Persian music ensemble Mehr creates a musical tapestry that is at once beautifully complex and strikingly simple.