Puya Mehman Pazir

Born in Shiraz (Iran) in the year 1977, Puya showed an interest in music from early childhood and soon embarked on playing the Setar. Progressively improving his techniques and knowledge in traditional Iranian musical modal systems, at the age of fifteen he commenced professional training under the supervision of music masters such as Master Behnam Vadani on Setar, simultaneously brushing up on techniques on the Tar under supervision of Master Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi.

At the age of twenty-two Puya gained entrance to the prestigious Art University of Tehran. During the process of his tertiary education Puya obtained valuable knowledge about instrument techniques from masters such as Behnam Vadani, Mohamad Reza Ebrahimi, Darioush Talai, Keivan Saket and Mehrbanu Tofiq, and the theory of music, solfeggio, and composition from Hoseyn Dehlavi, Sharif Lotfi, Amir Eslami and Siavash Beyzai.


In the year 2000 Puya began performing with the Sepidar and Art University Ensembles as well as the Austrian cultural consulate choir, performing in a number of noteworthy concerts in renowned venues throughout Iran.

Having established the Mehr ensemble in Tehran and after migrating to Australia in 2006, Puya continued his musical activities with relevant members in Melbourne. Today his primary focus remains creating compositions of a unique nature.

Faces Of Love 
April 2016 Tour

Mehr Ensemble



Weaving intricate lines of verse and melody, ornate instrumentation and layered vocals, classical Persian music ensemble Mehr creates a musical tapestry that is at once beautifully complex and strikingly simple.