Timothy Johannessen     

Embracing music from an early age, Timothy spent the last twenty-or-so years learning a number of different instruments and musical systems, performing with various groups and composing and performing music for theatre. Some five years ago Timothy simultaneously discovered the musical and philosophical traditions of Iran. Today his artistic and intellectual life is largely stretched between these twin poles.


Timothy has undertaken lengthy individual and formal study of Iranian music (and other nearly/distantly related musical systems). He has studied the Daf and Iranian musical rhythms with Arash Zanganeh, and more recently commenced the study of Setar and the Radif of Persian music with Pooya Mehman Pazir. Timothy plays various other string and percussion instruments and continues to collaborate with musicians from diverse backgrounds. As well as Persian music performance, Timothy has a deep interest in the philosophical and spiritual foundations of Persian music, and music generally. He is currently completing postgraduate research in the area of Iranian-Islamic philosophy.

Faces Of Love 
April 2016 Tour

Mehr Ensemble



Weaving intricate lines of verse and melody, ornate instrumentation and layered vocals, classical Persian music ensemble Mehr creates a musical tapestry that is at once beautifully complex and strikingly simple.