Farzan Akbaridoust     

Farzan was born in Tehran, Iran, in September 1985, and started learning music at the age of 10. His passion for creating sounds and his curiosity towards musical rhythm led him to start learning the Tombak with Mr. Dariush Zargari. Through these lessons Farzan gained a sound knowledge of music and Tombak playing, and he was ranked the best Tombak player at the 20th Fajr music festival. Although he was first introduced to the world of music through this instrument, he was always interested to explore other forms of musical expression. Tar and Daf were the next instruments that Farzan started exploring; however, it was finally the sound of the ancient Tanbour that captured his mind and soul. Farzan started learning the Tanbour with Mr Masoud Arzanlou in 2010, and ever since, he has been dedicated to practicing this instrument with its intricate playing techniques and devotedly learning old spiritual songs and Kurdish ‘Maqam’ melodies.

Faces Of Love 
April 2016 Tour

Mehr Ensemble



Weaving intricate lines of verse and melody, ornate instrumentation and layered vocals, classical Persian music ensemble Mehr creates a musical tapestry that is at once beautifully complex and strikingly simple.